Train, train, train again. A story of successful e-sign adoption

With the right training, your halls will be buzzing with e-signature championsE-Signature projects often are technical success but can be held up by slow adoption not only by your external customers but many times by your own employees.  The power the employee has to help or hinder the e-signature roll out is the topic of my 4th and final part of a 4 part blog series on making e-signature projects successful hosted by e-SignLive by Silanis.

If you missed any of the series, be sure to check them out below.

What to do With E-signature Exceptions

 For every rule there is an exception.  In the real world, people know they should ignore those exceptions knowing the rules are meant to cover the majority of cases.

For e-signature business processes, the same is true.  Silanis has hosted part 3 of my 4 part blog series on this very topic.  Be sure to check it out and give us your thoughts!

Oh, and if you missed part 1 on building successful e-signature implements or part 2 on the buy versus build option, be sure to read those as well!