E-Signature Consulting Services

Core offers e-signature consulting services to help make your e-signature implementation successful at any stage of the project and within your available budget.

Engagement Types:

RFP Vendor Selection · RIO Project Justification · Facilitated Sessions
Requirements Gathering · Use Case Design · Software Architecture
Platform Integration · Solution Design · Software Development



Quotes From Customers:

I am humbled and greatly appreciative of the comments my customers use to describe my work.

John’s used his experience with e-signatures in the branch to help us refocus our RIO from paper savings to increasing revenue with two on-site sessions.  CapEx was successful 3 months later and the executive sponsor couldn’t have been happier.
– SVP Top 20 U.S. Bank


It only took 30 minutes of on-site training to justify his fees for the entire day.  With the extra time and sample code he brought he worked with the internal developers to build a prototype in 4 hours that we expected to take weeks.
– VP Large State Credit Union


The visit far exceeded my expectations. We now have an excellent starting point for our internal development.
– Program Manager National Credit Union


After struggling 3 months to use the out of the box product, with only 1 hour of virtual training, John armed me with the expertise I needed to completely transform our paper hiring process into a fully digital on boarding experience. We cut our average turn around time from 2 weeks to just over 2 days.
– Director Regional Healthcare Company