John B Fraser speaking at Illuminate


On 10/7/2015 in Kelowna British Columbia John B Fraser will be speaking about digital transaction management and e-signatures.  The presentation called “10 Reasons Why Your Organization Shouldn’t Fear e-Signatures” will focus on how Canadian Credit Unions shouldn’t fear e-signatures and how they can arm themselves to begin the transformation to a more digital business without losing the personal touch so critical to the foundation of the credit union spirit.

Illuminate is a yearly conference for clients of Neocog (now owned by Doxim) with focus on community banking in the Canadian Market.

Highlights from the e-SignLive by Silanis User Conference

After attending the e-SignLive by Silanis user conference last week, I saw the trend of mobility continue.  From complete redesigns of e-signing processes to stand alone mobile apps to tighter integration with mobile security like fingerprint scanners, sms authentication and the alike, it’s clear that Silanis has seen the vision for mobile and is heading in the right direction.

Challenges will certainly come up as customers want to integrate their own platforms (many of them aging desktop applications that are not optimized for mobile or even running on anything besides Microsoft Windows but these obstacles can be overcome through care planning and leveraging the industry expertise of those who have done it before.

Attending the e-SignLive by Silanis User Conference

The week of September 7th, we will be attending the e-SignLive by Silanis user conference.  Besides connecting with several clients, John will be making a special appearance during one of the sessions to talk about the intelligent design of the latest frameworks and API’s offered by e-SignLive.  This has allowed companies like Lifesprk (the top home health company out of Minnesota) to transform their entire hiring process with 1000’s of applicants annually overnight.

Be sure to stop out and say hello!

Streamlining Healthcare Processes with E-Signatures

Click here to register for this presentation.

Date/Time: May 20th, 1:00 PM Central

Healthcare providers of all sizes depend significantly on documents that require signatures. Admission papers, patient agreements, consent forms, clinical reports, prescription orders and other documents are common in almost every role and function in the healthcare industry. Hunting down paperwork and chasing signatures, however, isn’t something that healthcare professionals have to be tasked with as this can distract from the main focus of these workers: providing the best in customer care.

With large, ongoing investments being made in research and transformative technologies that advance the patient experience, it’s surprising that healthcare has been slow to adopt e-signatures. But with such tight regulation in this industry, security and compliance concerns have played a part in hindering a change from traditional workflow processes towards implementing a new method for managing customer files.

Register now for this educational webinar, where e-SignLive will be joined by John Fraser, CTO of Lifesprk, one of the largest community based long-term care providers in Minnesota, in a discussion around how secure e-signatures can be added quickly and easily to existing workflows, eliminating the need to print forms and documents.

Join us to hear answers to the most frequently asked questions related to e-signatures in healthcare, including:

  • What are the e-signature adoption trends in healthcare?
  • Which other healthcare organizations are already using e-signatures and how?
  • Are e-signatures secure?
  • What does HIPAA say about e-signatures and how do we comply?
  • How does it work and what are the options for getting started quickly?


An Overview of the Last Month

If you have been following the blog, you have seen my 4 part blog series on building successful e-signature implementations hosted by e-SignLive by Silanis.  If not, let me take a moment to review the topics and provide links to the posts.

It all starts with an idea.  Part 1 – Introduction to building success e-signature implementations talks about the many reasons why we bother to start an e-signature project.  It might be cost savings, improved operational processes or many times a way to stand out from the competition with your customers.

Next, Part 2 – Build versus Buy, what is the best choice and why?, discusses the age old question of buy versus build.  Obviously I’m bias towards buying a solution but the post will discuss the mounting evidence why trying to do it on your own is not a solid approach.

Part 3 – Avoid building for the exceptions is my favorite in the series.  I see time and time again, simple e-signature processes made entire too complex by trying to solve for a situation that happens only 1% of the time and the expense of the 99%.  Read more to find out exactly why ignoring the exceptions might be the best way to go.

Train, train and then train some more.  Part 4 talks all about the training component and how it will make or break your project.